Authenticated Large Unglazed Grey Pottery Jar

Terra cotta grey pottery, Han Dynasty, found in China in 1990s.  Beautiful “Hu” form; matte finish, with earth encrustation.  14.5” h. 12.5” w.

This pottery vase is in the form of the “Hu”, inspired by the late Chu bronzes.  They were sweeping and massive, with a globular body and straight-sided conical feet.  The very simple decoration of the example shown is characteristic:  Fillets in relief and two jutting masks reminiscent of bronze handles on Chu vessels.  The mask is a druid head and is supposed to chase off evil spirits.

This terra cotta pottery piece was formed by hand and fired at a high temperature.  It has a mottled look of old age.  It was found in Beijing when China opened to the outside world in the 1990s.  It was displayed at the Arts of Pacific Asia Show in San Francisco in 2004 where no reproductions were allowed to be shown, so this vase is authenticated.