Original “Happy Homecoming” (Returning Fishermen), by Hans J. Bource

By Hans J. Bource (1826-1899)
Oil on Canvas, set in original hand-carved gilt wood frame

Length:69 7/8″ Height: 45 7/8″

Signature and Frame

Signed: Hans J. Bource (Hans Joseph Bource – expositions at the Royal Academy in London, 1870-1877)

Provenance: Belgium and England. Listed in E. Benezit, British 19th Century Marine Paintings and The Dictionary of Victorian Painters.

The painting depicts a reunion of fishermen greeting their families on the beach. The young woman in the foreground is with her boyfriend who has returned from the sea, but they are being watched by her mother at the group of figures.  She is knitting a sock and does not seem happy with the choice of her daughter!

A copy of this painting was shown online in 2018, stating that the original oil painting has been missing for over 25 years, with whereabouts unknown.  This was an astounding revelation to us as the original has been hanging over the fireplace in our living room for over 25 years!  We bought it from Augustine Galleries in Colorado Springs in 1993.  The gallery’s owner was originally from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  This Bource painting was said to have been finely copied by W. Hendriks, the artist’s contemporary, who made a fine reproduction making it possible that prints of his copy is made available.  The rococo frame is original.