Child’s Armchair with Compartment for Toys

19th C, Elm, Shanxi.  Chair constructed and decorated like fine adult version; shallow storage compartment under seat for toys.   21.25″ w, 17″ d, seat 9.5″ h, back 26.25″ h.

This child’s armchair is elaborately constructed, carved, and decorated like a fine version for an adult.  It has humped crest-rail and arm-rails.  The back-splat is divided into four segments with the top one showing relief leafy carving, the next deep carving of figures, the third a taohuan panel, and the bottom one open carving of stylized dragons.  Better than most adult version, it has thick carved openwork stylized ruyi side-posts when most adult ones have a simple one.  This is no ordinary child’s chair.  It can proudly share a place in a living room with adult furniture.  The seat panel lifts up to reveal a shallow storage compartment for toys.  The seat-panel is a replacement but the rest of the piece is original.

Price: $670