Bamboo Kang Table

Ca. 1850, elm, bamboo, Shanxi.  Rare because bamboo pieces often too fragile to survive the ravage of time.  Good condition.  26″ w, 12.75″ d, 14″ h.

This Kang table is constructed with speckled bamboo, with a top panel of lacquered elm wood, creating a smooth top.  The apron is worked with a zig-zag T-fret (meaning wealth) lattice design.  The legs are reinforced by stretchers comprising of two layers.  It was usually placed on a platform-bed to hold food and drinks for a scholar or official when he reclined on the bed to relax, or when not used for that purpose, for him to display a special vase or religious figure.   A delicately made table like this was highly valued by its owner.

This table is in very good condition with a wonderful patina.  Bamboo furniture is rare since not many survived the ravage of time and wars in China.

Price: $1,490