Pair of Yoke-back Side Chairs

Late 1800s, elm, Shanxi Province.

Also known as “Official hat chairs”, each chair back has a smooth subtle rise and fall slat back higher than armchairs. A relief carving of stylized “Shou” (long life) is on the back slat.  A small plain spandrel is attached to the outer side of the back-post and the top rail.  The flat seat is constructed with a floating panel.  Below the seat an arch-shaped apron with beading extends along the front and roundly goes down the inner leg posts as spandrels, ending on top of the foot rest.  Simple aprons are  found under the seat on the sides and back of the chair and under the foot stretcher in front.  These chairs show traditional mortise-and-tenon construction.

Price: $1850 (pr)