Large Unglazed Grey Pottery Vase

Terra cotta grey pottery, Han Dynasty, found in China in 1990s.  Beautiful “Hu” form; matte finish, with earth encrustation; authentic.  14.5” h. 12.5” w.

This pottery vase is In the form of the “Hu”, inspired by the late Chu bronzes. They were sweeping and massive, with a globular body and straight-sided conical feet. The very simple decoration of the example shown is characteristic — fillets in relief and two jutting masks reminiscent of bronze handles on Chu vessels. The mask is a druid head and is supposed to chase off evil spirits.

This terra cotta pottery piece was formed by hand and fired at a high temperature.  It has a mottled look of old age and is a certifiable piece of relic.  It was found in Beijing when China opened to the outside world in the 1990s.

Price: $2900