Ivory Doctor Doll

Late 1900s-early 20th C, hippo ivory.  7″ long.  Good proportionate body superbly carved, finely incised details; signed.

In Old China, doctor dolls were used in a physician’s office for a female patient to indicate what part of the body she was hurting.

This ivory doll came out of China in the 1900s, but it was carved by a master Japanese carver.  There are bigger ivory dolls, but this one was chosen for her dainty beauty and superb craftsmanship, showing finely incised details.  She reclines on an elaborately carved rosewood stand, wearing only a loin cloth with floral motifs etched in maroon color covering her private part, and a pair of slippers outlined in same color.  Her long black hair is bunched and tied at her nape.  Her oval face has delicately carved features with eyebrows and eyes finely etched in black.  Her alluring beauty would grace any desk-top or shelf.  The figure can be lifted off the stand.  This is a signed piece by a master Japanese carver.