Chests, Cabinets, & Tables

Rare Tibetan Small Folding Table (Tepchog)
17th Century or later Pine or Cypress, mineral colors, gilding Folding tables were perhaps one of the earliest of Tibetan… Read more.
Tibetan Cabinet with Seven Floral Painted Panels
19th Century Pine, mineral color pigments Tibet is not known to have fine furniture like there is in China. Carpentry… Read more.
Tibetan Red/Green gilded chest (Tenchog)
18th/19th Century Pine, mineral colors, gilding 38.5”L x 18”D x 36”H A tenchog is a chest for storing religious articles.… Read more.
Multi Panels Tibetan Chest with Floral Medallions
19th Century Pine, mineral pigments 42¼” h. 52½” w. 18” d. This is an authentic handcrafted Tibetan chest painted with… Read more.
Tibetan Cabinet with Raised Gesso Decoration
19th Century Pine or fir, mineral pigments, original metal pulls This cabinet exhibits the raised gesso technique of decoration known… Read more.
Tibetan Yidam Thangka
17th/18th C. Painted with natural mineral pigments on fabric over board 38” h. 29” w. (framed dimensions) This Thangka depicts… Read more.
Tibetan Cabinet with Sliding Door
19th Century Pine, mineral color Item #9318 31” h. x 43½” w. x 13” d. The front of this original… Read more.
Eight-panels Tibetan Chest
19th Century Pine or Fir, natural mineral colors 65” w. 46.½” h. 19.¾” d. Tibetan antique furniture is now quite… Read more.
Rare Tibetan Torgam
17th / 18th Century Pine, mineral pigments 21½” h. 10¼” w. 14½” d. A torgam is a type of cabinet… Read more.
Tibetan Low Cabinet
19th Century or earlier Pine or Fir 17¾” h. 58” w. 14” d. This cabinet is a form of “tenchog,”… Read more.
Tibetan Six Panel Chest
19th Century Pine, mineral colors 34½” h. 37” w. 17½” d. The pastel colors, light pink and green, as background… Read more.
Mongolian Painted Chests (Pair)
Mid 1800s Pine or Fir Inner Mongolia 48” h. 25” w. 17½” d. Mongolian design is quite similar to the… Read more.
Mongolian Painted Book Chest
  Inner Mongolian 19th Century Pine, mineral colors, brass fittings This chest was made in the 19th century and later… Read more.
Rare Sichuan Lama Chest
19th C, Pine, Sichuan.  Full-figure lama image on furniture is rare; not many antique furniture came out of Sichuan; original.… Read more.