Chests, Cabinets, & Tables

17th/18th c; pine, mineral pigments.  Rare as not many "torgams" survived.  Auspicious painted decoration.  21½” h. 10¼” w. 14½” d.
17th/18th century, pine or cypress, mineral colors, gilding.  Important as not many "tepchog" survived  Small folding tables (Tepchog) were perhaps
17th/18th c, pine, natural mineral colors.  Size: 67.5" w x 16" d x 5.5" h Tibetan low tables and chests
18th/19th C., pine, mineral pigments, gilding. 38.5” L x 18” D x 36”H A "tenchog" is a chest for storing
19th C, pine, mineral pigments.  "Kyung bur" technique design rare, as are natural mineral-colored paintings of animals indigenous to Tibet. 
  18th/19th c; pine.  Tibetan furniture with religious theme important; colors known to use before late 19th C.  31” h.
16th/17th century, wood, mineral pigments.  Important as a religious piece for surviving a cultural revolution. A torgam is a cabinet
19th C.; pine, mineral pigments.  Authentic antique piece; in excellent condition with painted designs intact. 42¼” h. 52½” w. 18”
19th c, pine, mineral pigments.  Authentic relic with auspicious symbols and vibrant colors, what makes Tibetan furniture stands out.  65”
19th c, pine. Authentic antique piece; auspicious decorations painted with natural color pigments.  48.75" w, 15.5" d, 34" h. Tibet
Late 19th c, pine, mineral colors.  Has appeal of soft colors; double-framing shows quality; in excellent condition. 34½” h. 37”
19th c, pine, mineral colors, Inner Mongolia.  Valuable enough to be presented as gift to an art association in China. 
  Mid-1800s, pine, Inner Mongolia. Attractive simple floral paintings and pair with narrow size easy to arrange in any room.
  19th century, Mongolia. 2.5" x 2.5".  Leather and metal. This small pouch was carried by a Mongolian nomad to start
18th/19th c, pine, natural mineral colors.  Rare Tibetan religious piece with auspicious motifs; excellent condition 17¾” h. 58” w. 14”