Chests, Cabinets, & Tables

16th/17th century, wood, mineral pigments.  Important as a religious piece for surviving a cultural revolution. A torgam is a cabinet
17th/18th c, pine, natural mineral colors.  Size: 67.5" w x 16" d x 5.5" h Tibetan low tables and chests
17th/18th century, pine or cypress, mineral colors, gilding.  Important as not many "tepchogs" survived; in very good condition. Small folding
19th c, pine. Authentic antique piece; auspicious decorations painted with natural color pigments.  48.75" w, 15.5" d, 34" h. Tibet
18th/19th c, pine, mineral pigments, gilding. 38.5”L x 18”D x 36”H A "tenchog" is a chest for storing religious items
  19th C, pine, mineral pigments.  Authentic antique piece; in excellent condition with painted designs intact. 42¼” h. 52½” w.
19th C, pine, mineral pigments.  "Kyungbur" technique design rare, as are natural mineral-colored paintings of animals indigenous to Tibet.  36"
  18th/19th c; pine.  Tibetan furniture with religious theme important; colors known to use before late 19th C.  31” h.
19th c, pine, mineral pigments.  Authentic relic with auspicious symbols and vibrant colors, what makes Tibetan furniture stands out.  65”
17th/18th c, pine, mineral pigments.  Rare as not many "torgams" survived; unique form and interesting auspicious decorations. 21½” h. 10¼”
18th/19th c, pine, natural mineral colors.  Rare Tibetan religious piece with auspicious motifs; excellent condition 17¾” h. 58” w. 14”
Late 19th c, pine, mineral colors.  Has appeal of soft colors; double-framing shows quality; in excellent condition. 34½” h. 37”
  Mid-1800s, pine, Inner Mongolia. Attractive simple floral paintings and pair with narrow size easy to arrange in any room.
19th c, pine, mineral colors, Inner Mongolia.  Valuable enough to be presented as gift to an art association in China.