Rare Korean Military Officer’s Uniform Cabinet


Ca 1880, persimmon, Kyang Ki Do Province.  Rare finding after war; exceptional construction complimented by wood and brass fittings; certified.  73½” h. 39¼” w. 23½” d.

This rare chest comes in three pieces and was used to store military officer’s uniforms and clothing. The top section consists of three drawers at the top, a big storage compartment with latticed doors below for bulky uniforms, and a storage compartment for smaller clothing items behind swivel doors.  The next section is a narrow storage compartment behind a pair of doors. These two sections sit on a long drawer that constitutes the last section.

The front panels are made of the highly decorative persimmon wood, using its spectacular dark grain figuration against its light-colored background to produce balanced mirror images that resemble paintings. Beautiful brass fittings compliment the persimmon front panels. The side panels of the chest are made of pine.  A military officer’s chest as beautifully constructed as this one is rare.  It must have belonged to a general.

This rare chest is certified by a Professor of Korean History and Antiquity.

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