Pair of Stacked Antique Stone Column Bases

Attribute to 16th/17th c, deep carved stone, Northern China.

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This pair of stone bases supporting wood columns of a house was important to the construction of a house in old China.  It prevents wood-rot to a pair of wood posts that usually supports the front of a house facing all kinds of weather.  Both bases show hand-chiseled deep carvings.  The top base shows some Buddhist auspicious motifs and the bottom one floral symbols conveying meanings of purity, modesty and hidden beauty, wealth and good fortune.  These stone bases are now rare as all architectural products, stone as well as wood carved structures, have been banned from leaving the country to preserve its architectural heritage.  An ingenious decorative and useful way to use them is to stack them up and use them as a unique chair-side table, or station them by a doorway with a candle or other kind of lighting to show the way.

Price: $22,500 pair