Mongolian Painted Chests (Pair)

Mid 1800s
Pine or Fir
Inner Mongolia
48” h. 25” w. 17½” d.

Mongolian design is quite similar to the Tibetan style of painting, which consists of lavish, wide brush strokes and vivid colors. What distinguishes one from the other is the number of colors used in painting. Most Mongolian pieces contain three dominant colors: yellow, green, and red, as exhibited here on this pair of chests. Pine was abundant in this high country and so was used in construction of the majority of furniture.

Each of these chests consists of an upper chamber and a lower chamber with a shelf inside, the two chambers separated by a drawer. There is ample space for storage. The vividly painted flower designs on the front panels make these chests a very attractive addition to a room, and the narrow size suits tight areas.