Red Lacquer Cabinet with Gilt Paintings

Mid 18th C, Elm, Shanxi.  Fine gilded auspicious decorations, shelf inside; all-original, excellent condition. 39″ W, 20″ D, 51.75″ H

This cabinet has the overhanging cap frame style typical of the Shanxi Region.  The front is entirely red-lacquered, and is decorated with gilded floral paintings, while the top and recessed side panel are lacquered black.  The painted motifs of flowers and birds, and the key-fret “thunder pattern” intertwined with the swastika design together mean unlimited wealth and a wish by the owner for protection of the family from evil, many male progeny, peace, happiness, rich blessings, and longevity.  The interior has a shelf and extra storage space hidden behind the front apron with the “running dragon” design popular in Emperor Qianlong period.

Price: $3,800