Rare Chestnut Document Chest with Unique Locking System
Ca 1870, Kang Don Do Province.  Solid chestnut, unique locking system and drawers arrangement   inside suggest used by elite… Read more.
Rare Royal Wedding Box
Ca 1860, found on Kangwha Island.  Certified palace gift box; paulownia wood, mother-of-pearl inlay.  30.5″ L, 14.75″ W, 18.25″ H… Read more.
Scholar’s Book Chest
Ca 1870.  Shows rich brown valued chestnut wood; all-original with hand-made iron fittings; certified. 34¼” w. 34” h. 15” d.… Read more.
Cheon Chu Bandaji (Blanket Chest)
Ca 1870, elm, Cheon Chu City.  City known for high quality furniture; original auspicious thick sculpted metal decorations; certified. 33½”… Read more.
Rice Chest
Mid 19th C, pine and zelkova, Kyang Ki Do Provence.  Made from valued wood; has coin wealth motif lock-plate; certified.… Read more.
Black Iron Book Chest
Ca 1870, pine, Kyang Ki Do Province.  Sturdily built with thick metal fittings and hand-hammered nail decorations; certified. 24” h.… Read more.
Rare Korean Military Officer’s Uniform Cabinet
  Ca 1880, persimmon, Kyang Ki Do Province.  Rare finding after war; exceptional construction complimented by wood and brass fittings;… Read more.
North Korean Blanket Chest
Ca 1870, lime wood, North Korea.  Distinctive thick iron decorations not found in North Korea furniture made today. 24¼” h.… Read more.
Rare Scholar’s Document Chest
  Ca 1860, found in Kangwha Island, lime wood, mother-of-pearl inlay; made for high-ranking court official; certified. 28½” h. 34¾… Read more.
North Korean Bandaji (Blanket Chest)
Ca 1870, chestnut wood with iron fittings, Pyongyang City. 24¼” h. 30” w. 15¼” d. Made in what is now… Read more.
Persimmon Wedding Chest on Chest with White Brass
“Double Happiness” character on the front. Read more.