Korean Rice Chest

Mid 19th C, pine and zelkova, Kyang Ki Do Provence.  Made from valued wood; has coin wealth motif lock-plate; certified.
32” h. 34½” h. 22¼” d.

Originally this chest was lacquered a dark color but stripped and left the way it is in the Korean warehouse when the beautiful wood grain of zelkova is revealed.  The grain patterns provide a decorative touch to an otherwise ordinary but essential piece of furniture in a Korean household.  Rice was the staple of the Korean diet.  A Yi or Chosen family’s income was measured in rice.  The iron lock-plate on this chest has two carved coin motifs.  Zelkova wood was valued in Korea so this spacious rice chest was likely made for a rich Korean family.  It is in excellent condition.

The top of the chest lifts up three-quarters of the way from the front with no hinges.  It has ample storage space inside, all the way to behind the two side-by-side small decorative recessed panels.  The two sides of the chest also show beautiful grain pattern.  This solid multi-paneled design piece with striking grain patterns makes it a beautiful piece to stand in any room, in any décor today.

Price: $1,700