Qing Horse-Drawn Carriage

Lattice work on side

250-300 years old (Qing period); wood and bamboo construction, metal details.

This horse-drawn carriage is the kind high officials took for long journey to go to the Imperial Court to pay homage to the Emperor.  The lattice work on the carriage sides and back looks like it is rebar work but the slats are actually bamboo, which is known to be very strong even though it looks slender.  The big wooden spoke wheels with iron rims look like they have run over century-old cobblestone roads for years, accumulating so much character frankly there have been offer to buy just them!

Carriage Back

This is a carriage for long travels by an official and not as marriage cart for a bride as it would be considered too rugged for a lady to be carried on her wedding day.  There is a slender lidded compartment on the front part of the seat floor for the rider to keep his small personal belongings.  This is a stunning-looking carriage still ready to be used!

50″ Diameter Wheels

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