Our gallery guarantees that each piece of antique furniture has been carefully selected by our gallery owner who has spent the last twenty years traveling the world and buying only from experts with vast knowledge in Asian antiques.


Korean antique furniture is characterized by restraint and austere simplicity of line and proportion. Their most notable form of furniture are chests. See All Korean Antique Furniture…

Korean Scholar’s Multi-levels Document Cabinet
1880, elm and pear wood, brass fittings, from Cheon Ra Nam Do Province. This arresting tall chest has the frame… Read more.
Japanese Merchant Chest
Ca 1920, paulownia, cedar or cypress, iron fittings. This chest with wooden locking bar in front is known in Japan… Read more.
Antique Japanese Dansu Found in Korea
1880, paulownia wood, found in Korea after the Japanese Occupation of Korea; original old-fashion key survived.  Certified. This chest was… Read more.


Dragons, phoenixes, and a variety of floral and geometric designs are common elements in Tibetan furniture. Front panels may depict scenes from everyday life, mythical stories, landscapes, or deities. See All Tibetan Antique Furniture…

Rare Long Low Tibetan Chest
17th/18th c, pine, natural mineral colors. Tibetan low tables and chests have a long history, dating stylistically to the 15th… Read more.
Rare Tibetan Small Folding Table (Tepchog)
About 18th C, pine or cypress, mineral colors, gilding.  Important as not many “tepchogs” survived; in excellent condition. Small folding… Read more.
Tibetan Cabinet with Seven Floral Painted Panels
19th c, pine. Authentic antique piece; auspicious decorations painted with natural color pigments.  48.75″ w, 15.5″ d, 34″ h. This… Read more.


Chinese craftsmen were masters of layering different colors to produce a desired tone and depth in the final finish. Worn colors, bare woods, and mottled appearances make Chinese antiques exciting. See All Chinese Antique Furniture…

Japanese Ice Box Found in China
  Mid-1900s.  Found in China after Japanese Occupation; interesting show piece; great historical value; good condition. 20½” w. 34¼” h.… Read more.
Chinese Trunk with “Attributes of a Scholar” Painting
  Late 1800s, pine, Inner Mongolia. 27” h. 41” w. 25¾” d. This trunk is made with wooden nails and… Read more.
Red Lacquer Cabinet with Gilt Paintings
Mid 18th C, Elm, Shanxi.  Fine gilded auspicious decorations, shelf inside; all-original, excellent condition. 39″ W, 20″ D, 51.75″ H… Read more.

Other Asian Furniture

Antique furniture from other Asian countries. See All Other Asian Antique Furniture…

Rare Palace Wedding Box
1870, line wood and nacre, found on Kangwha Island, kyung Ki Do Province. With inlay of mother-of-pearl like this, the… Read more.
Korean Royal Wedding Box
1870, pear wood, sharkskin and brass wire inlay, iron fittings, Kangwha Island, Kyung Ki Do Province.  23.75″w, 10.5″d,  12.5″h. This… Read more.
Korean Cheon Chu Chest With Significant Motifs
1870, pear wood, Cheon Chu City, Cheon Ra Buk Do Province.  Valuable wood; beautiful metalwork with significant motifs.  34″ L,… Read more.