African Masks and Statues

As avid collectors of fine art and unique antiques, we also have a collection of authentic African masks and sculptures not bought in tourist shops but from a collector who actually went to jungle areas of Africa to find them.  Masks for tourists are flooding the market so discriminating collectors need to be aware.  Ones shown below are for serious African artifacts collectors.  They are of museum quality and could be dear.

  Late 19th/early 20th C; Baule society, Ivory Coast.  44"x 23" The Baule granary doors are important aspects of architecture
Fang, Gabon; wood, brass.  Size: 11" h, 6" w, 5.25" d. In Gabon and other African subculture, reliquary figures are
Western Grassland, Cameroon 31” h, 18” w, 23” d Other viewsThis northern kingdom is known to be a “society of
Dogan-Mali; wood, matter-encrusted patina, could be close to 100 years old. Most of the African wood carvings in the West,
Eastern Gabon/Western reaches of the Congo The Kota tribe practices an ancestral cult known as ‘Bwete’ that was at the
Eastern Songye, Democratic Republic of Congo; wood, white pigment; 17" high. Kifwebe masks were made as a means of controlling
Yaure, Ivory Coast; wood with accents in blue and red; probably 60-80 years old. This mask type with a depiction
The striated hair style of the mother and child on this figurine points to the statue being from the Senufo